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"Beautiful handmade and personalized harnesses, collars and leashes and many more adorable products! We were happy with every single item we ordered amazing quality!"


"We love the unique Dogstories harnesses. We now have 3 nice prints and a collection of bows. And many more will follow! Will you and your mom remain your unique self with this brand!"

"Dog Stories is the best brand I know! Quality, comfort and beauty, everything is there! I recommend this brand if you want a stylish dog!"


"We are big fans of Dog Stories. Top quality and beautiful unique collars. The collars are really great for both our Boomers and our German Shepherd! I like that the collars are handmade and the range often changes, so you really have a unique collar."

"So happy with my dog stories collection! Roos is REALLY a winner!

Laura CL

"Love the option to personalize the leash/collar! also good quality and great service"


"I bought 2 collars for my dogs and they are really beautiful, I have washed them once and they remain just as beautiful!! Really recommended"


"Believe it or not, my dog already has more than 10 collars from Dog Stories. That says enough right!! Oh, and bows, harnesses and leashes!"


Super happy with all our stuff from Dog Stories!! We already have several collars, leashes and a treat/poo bag pouch. It all looks super nice, it is made of very good quality and all that with a super service!! Do you have something special in mind, but you can't find it on the site? Send them a message, because maybe they can create it for you!

Super satisfied with our dog stories stuff!! Super quality and they are also super beautiful!!

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